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The internet is an extremely vast and competitive environment and is by far the most powerful form of media in the world for exposing your business to your target market. Therefore it is paramount that your website represents your business in the most professional manner possible.
Your website needs to get to the point quickly, and clearly define the four primary factors that your customers need to know in order of priority right there on your home page:


    1. 1. What are the main products & or services you offer?
    • 2. Where do you offer these products & or services?
    • 3. When are your products & or services available?
    • 4. How are you able to be contacted and paid?


Seems simple and obvious enough doesn’t it?


Nevertheless we often see home pages focusing on how long they have been in business, how experienced & qualified their team is, what warranties & support they offer, and how much better they are than their competitors. None of which is of interest to the consumer until after they have determined the four primary factors listed above. And this is only just the beginning of a vast array of determining factors for an efficient and effective marketing & website development campaign.

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